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Google Apps Inbox

Normally, Google Apps will open in your Inbox view as illustrated below. By default, the most recently received message will be highlighted.


Inbox Options

The following links are located on the side of your Inbox (from top).

Compose Mail– create a new mail message.

  • Inbox – move to your inbox folder.
  • Starred – only show starred items.
  • Chats – allows you to chat with a fellow student in Google Chat.
  • Sent Mail – look at all of your sent mail.
  • Drafts – shows messages that have been created, but not sent.
  • All Mail – shows all messages and the label that has been attached to them.
  • Spam – e-mail messages which have been flagged and put into a separate by Google as possible spam messages.
  • Trash – shows items you have deleted in the past 30 days. The trash does get cleaned out every 30 days.
  • Contacts – create a contact or look up contacts you have already created.


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