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Google Apps for CSP

All Concordia University student e-mail is accessed through the Google Application System. The following tools are included in the Google Application System:

  • Google Mail (GMail)
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Talk Instant Messenger (GTalk)
  • Google Documents and Spreadsheets
  • Google Sites

Use of Google Applications at Concordia

Students at Concordia St. Paul primarily use Google Apps for e-mail functionality. Although you may already have a Google e-mail account (Gmail), this one is associated with Concordia University, St. Paul and is designated as a csp.edu e-mail account as opposed to a gmail.com e-mail account.

According to the policy of Concordia University, St. Paul, all official University communication goes to CSP e-mail accounts. Therefore, every student, as well as faculty, and staff members are responsible to read the information sent to their CSP account.

Here are the basic features of Google Apps Mail for CSP:

  • 7 GB storage quota (=7455 MB, =7,147,483,648 bytes, =~720,000 messages of 10KB each). This size is increasing greatly every day
  • Automatic and easily accessible spam filtering.
  • Integrated standards compliant calendar and university supported instant messaging.
  • Fast tagging and efficient searching of e-mail.

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