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Current Laptop Software

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office software, most of the business type software that you will use, including but not limited to: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access.


Our current software for classrooms known affectionately as Classware.

Other Software

Software outside the realm of our control.

Instant Messengers

I.M. is the acronym for Instant Messenger, which is a general term for many similar programs that utilize the internet or a network to "chat" instantly. The process is similar to email but at a much faster rate.


VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, a program that allows specific users to connect to CSP servers.


Games are the meat and potatoes of bored end users. Games will vary from your run of the mill solitaire to the extremely awesome RTS (real time strategy) games such as Warcraft or Dawn of War. One the newest forms of computer games involves the internet in which a flash program is used for

Personal Software

Personal Software might include other programs that people would either purchase individually or would need for installation of [peripherals] hardware and equipment.

Thankvantage: Updating software

Sometimes computers have problems with docking stations, monitors, and keyboards. To fix this problem, update the software.

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